Thursday, June 7, 2012

Expression Blend 4 does not open design mode for Silverlight Navigation Application.

When you are trying to open a .xaml file in expression blend from visual stodio, whether the design view will be loaded or not, will depend on the type of the project. In same cases, you need to edit the .csproj file by adding this code in the first line of the property group:


However, that did not solve the problem in my case. I was using silverlight 5, and expression blend 4. From visual studio 2010, I need to change the "Target Silver Light version" to silverlight 4 from the properties of the project, only then I could open .xaml pages in expression blend with design view.


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Unknown said...

In my case, I just changed the
then it opened perfectly in Blend4(Design View), but of course there were problems in assemblies' references when it comes to run/debug.
Till now,only Microsoft Expression Blend Preview for Silverlight 5 is able to open silverlight 5 applications normally.